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What is Purple Tea Leaf?

Purple Tea Leaf is a new classification of tea! Asia Farm's Purple Tea Leaf is the camellia silences plant, which is the same plant from which black, green, oolong and other types of tea are made. However, unlike the usual tea types available in the market, the tea leaves are a new crossbred variety, which makes them purple!

What makes it good?

Our Purple Tea Leaves contains:


✅ Antioxidants

✅ Anthocyanins

✅ Polyphenols 

Our Share Love Campaign

#Sharelovecampaign, initially started off as a pay-it-forward campaign where consumers can purchase purple tea, do a bottle toss challenge and stand a chance to win attractive prizes as well as donate to charity! 50% of the sales proceeds from Asia Farm's Purple Tea goes to our appointed charity organisation(s). Today, we encourage you to send love by purchasing our Purple Tea and deliver the drinks to you and your friends and loved ones for free! Join us today!

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