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Product Info


Brand: Asia Farm 


Packing: 4L BIB


Dilution: 1L Water Chestnut & Sugarcane concentrate + 4L water (Hot/Cold)


Hot Barley: Dilute with Hot/Warm water


Made: 200 cups (100ml)


Shelf Life: 06 months


Storage: Ambient before open 


After opened: Refrigerated storage is recommended


Halal: Yes


Healthier Choice: Yes


HPB Application Number: HCS210185



产品: 马蹄竹蔗浓缩

品牌: 亚洲园

产地: 马来西亚

包装: 四公升

冲调比例: 1公升浓浆+4公升水 (冷或温)

保质期: 6个月

储存方式: 置于阴凉干燥处

清真认证: 有

健康促进局低糖认证: 有

Premium Water Chestnut & SugarCane Concentrate (2L)

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