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1 bottles $3.00 

2 bottles $5.40 (average $2.70/bottle)

4 bottles $10.00 (average $2.50/bottle)

6 bottles $13.50 (average $2.25/bottle)

12 bottles $24.00 (average $2.00/bottle)

Sour Plum Juice Drink

Out of Stock
  • Product Info

    • Brand: Green Leaves
    • Packing Size: 12 bottles x 1L
    • Shelf Life: 12 months
    • Halal: Yes
    • C.O.O: ASF Malaysia

    Green Leaves Fruit juice adopted the traditional recipe through Freshly Brewed, Freshly Squeezed, Real Fruit Juices processes. The primary objective is to enjoy the real taste from the tree to the bottle.

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