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Asia Farm BIB Premium Pineapple Juice Concentrate is an excellent choice for hotels aiming to offer quality orange juice at a budget-friendly cost. Here are some key points highlighting its advantages:


  • Quality: Made with real Pineapple juice, ensuring a fresh and authentic taste


  • Cost-Effective: After dilution, the cost per litre is approximately $0.19, making it a very economical option.


  • Convenience: Ideal for serving at breakfast, a crucial meal service in hotels, ensuring guests receive high-quality juice.


  • Great Savings: Its low cost per litre means substantial savings for hotel operations without compromising on quality.


This makes Asia Farm BIB Premium Pineapple Juice Concentrate a practical and cost-efficient choice for hotels aiming to provide guests with quality orange juice while managing operational costs effectively.


Great in serving as Breakfast Juice


Product Info


Brand: Asia Farm 


Packing: 4L BIB


Dilution: 1L Pineapple Juice concentrate + 4L water 


Made: 200 cups (100ml)


Shelf Life: 12 months


Storage: Ambient before open 


After opened: Refrigerated storage is recommended


Halal: Yes


Healthier Choice: Yes


Premium Pineapple Juice Concentrate

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