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BIB Healthier Choice Lemon Blastz Concentrate is a great option for schools, restaurants, and cafes looking to offer fun and refreshing beverages. The taste of the drinks is both refreshing and unique, providing a delightful experience for customers. Despite being marketed as a healthier choice, it still retains a sweet flavor that appeals to many.


Here are a few points highlighting its features:

Versatility: Suitable for various settings such as schools, restaurants, and cafes.


Flavor Profile: Refreshing and unique lemon flavor that stands out.


Healthier Option: Positioned as a healthier choice, although it maintains a sweet taste.


Convenience: Concentrate format allows for easy preparation and storage.


Appeal: Attracts customers looking for both health-conscious and tasty beverage options.


Overall, BIB Healthier Choice Lemon Blastz Concentrate offers a balanced mix of taste and health benefits, making it an attractive addition to beverage menus in different establishments.


Product Info


Brand: Asia Farm 


Packing: 4L BIB


Dilution: 1L Lemon Blastz Concentrate+ 4L of ice water / sparkling water


Made: 200 cups (100ml)


Shelf Life: 12 months


Storage: Ambient before open 


After opened: Refrigerated storage is recommended


Halal: Yes


Healthier Choice: Yes

Lemon Blastz Concentrate

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