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  • Holds three 4L BIB concentrates (3 Valves x 4L)
  • Auto-Mixing
  • Portion control or free flow options with drinks volumes set digitally
  • Refrigerated concentrate compartment
  • Individual valve control
  • Self-Cleaning System
  • Hygienic Enclosed System
  • Large LCD front Screen can be used for advertising communication purposes
  • Accurate Brix delivery using state of digital control



Height: 90cm

Length: 43.5cm

Depth: 60cm

Weight: 80kg


3 easy steps to operates:

  • Open door
  • Load in BIB concentrate
  • Close door & start serving


Suitable use in: 

  • Steamboat restaurant
  • BBQ restaurant 
  • Hotel buffet
  • Cinema
  • Foodcourt
  • Food kiosk 
  • Institution, etc 


  • Free use of Solimax Prima with purchase of Asia Farm 4L BIB Healthier Choice Concentrate
  • Free Installation with water piping 
  • Free maintenace 
  • No contract binding 
  • 5hrs response time to a breakdown 
  • Technical support from Monday to Sunday & Public Holiday

Automatic Post Mix Juice Machine (V1)

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