Purple Tea Lemon & Peach

Purple Tea Lemon & Peach



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Asia Farm Purple Tea bringing you good digestion and fast metabolism leading to weight loss is my strength. Not forgetting the anti-aging benefits and many more. 

A carton is just too little for you, we are just a call away and you will enjoy us right away

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    - High Antioxidants

    - 15x higher anthocyanins contains than blueberry

    - Polyphenol Content: 1.6 greater than Green Tea & Black Tea



    1 - Good digestion and fast metabolism leading to weight loss.

    2 - Anti-ageing benefits.

    3 - Helps even out the skin tone.

    4 - Oxygenation of the skin due to presence of free radical scavengers.

    5 - Useful as a hair and scalp tonic to aid in hair loss prevention.


    Product Type:  Purple Tea Drink

    Packing: 6 bottles x 500ml

    Brand Name: Asia Farm

    Shelf Life: 12 months

    Country of Manufacture: Malaysia


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