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The Asia Farm Blueberry Yogurt Flavoured Concentrate is a classic beverage concentrate designed to provide a delicious and refreshing drink option. This product is particularly suitable for various settings such as schools, cafes, and buffet restaurants due to its healthier formulation and cost-effectiveness.


The blueberry yogurt-flavored concentrate offers a delightful blend of fruity and creamy notes. The authentic taste of ripe blueberries is perfectly balanced with the smooth, tangy undertones of yogurt, creating a refreshing and satisfying beverage.

Formulated to be lower in sugar, this concentrate still delivers a pleasing level of sweetness that complements the natural tartness of yogurt. The sweetness is subtle, ensuring that the drink is enjoyable without being overly sugary.

The beverage has an inviting aroma that features the fresh scent of blueberries combined with the creamy richness of yogurt, making it appealing from the moment you open the bag


The concentrate is designed to be lower in sugar, making it a healthier option compared to traditional sugary drinks. This makes it an excellent choice for schools, where healthy dietary options are prioritized.

One liter of concentrate can be diluted with four liters of water, resulting in a total of 20 liters of blueberry yogurt-flavored drink per 4-liter bag. This high yield makes it economical for large-scale use in buffets, cafeterias, and events.



Dilution Instructions:

  • Mix 1 part concentrate with 4 parts water.
  • Ensure thorough mixing for a consistent flavor profile throughout the beverage.


Usage Scenarios:

Schools: Ideal for canteens and events, offering a tasty yet healthier drink option for students. The lower sugar content ensures that it aligns with nutritional guidelines.


Cafes: Perfect for specialty beverages, smoothies, and as a base for various creative drink recipes. Its balanced sweetness and rich flavor profile make it versatile for different drink



Buffet Restaurants: Suitable for large volumes of drink dispensers, providing a cost-effective solution without compromising on taste. It can be a refreshing choice for guests looking for a healthier drink option.


The BIB Healthier Choice Blueberry Yogurt Flavoured Concentrate from Asia Farm is an ideal choice for establishments looking to offer a tasty, healthier beverage option. Its economical yield, balanced sweetness, and authentic flavor make it particularly suitable for health-conscious environments such as schools, cafes, and buffet restaurants.


Product Info


Brand: Asia Farm 


Packing: 4L BIB


Dilution: 1L Blueberry Yougurt+ 4L of ice water / sparkling water


Made: 200 cups (100ml)


Shelf Life: 12 months


Storage: Ambient before open 


After opened: Refrigerated storage is recommended


Halal: Yes


Healthier Choice: Yes

Blueberry Yogurt Flavoured Concentrate

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