Asia Farm's Love Ambassador Program


Asia Farm Love Ambassador Program 

What is Purple Tea?
Purple Tea is a new classification of tea! Asia Farm's Purple Tea is derived from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant, which is the same plant from which black, green, oolong and other types of tea are made. However, unlike the usual tea types available in the market, the tea leaves are a new crossbred variety, which makes the leaves purple!


The Taste

Lighter than black tea but darker than green tea, our Purple Tea is often described as similar in character and taste to oolong tea with a fruity twist. Purple tea has a light, clean body similar to green tea, without any of the grassy, vegetal flavours that are typical of green teas. Purple tea brews up a light reddish-purple colour and has a floral, delicate flavour. Our Purple Tea with a refreshing and fruity twist comes in Lemon and Peach flavour.


Product Information 

  • Lower in Sugar (Singapore HPB certified)

  • No Artificial Coloring 

  • No Preservatives

  • Halal Certified

  • 100% Freshly Brewed

Beauty Benefits

  • Oxygenation of the Skin

  • Fast Metabolism

  • Anti-ageing

  • Weight Loss

  • Hair Loss Prevention

Health Benefits

  • Anti-cancer benefits

  • Fight cardiovascular diseases 

  • Reduce Hypertension

  • Improve Vision


Purple tea has high antioxidant content that provides anti-cancer benefits.



The tea contains anthocyanins that produce the purple colour of the leaves. It helps to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases & hypertension.


Polyphenols are chemicals found in foods that help to prevent the damage of free radicals in the body.