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Asia Farm’s humble beginnings started more than two decades ago in August of 1998. Whilst still growing further and expanding regionally and globally, the company has established itself as the leading home-grown SME and manufacturer of unique beverages with special emphasis on cordials, juice concentrates and bottled juice drinks.


From concoction to creation and designing of all our products, our highly skilled production team along with current production machinery, equipment and accessories, Asia Farm’s production turnaround is notably efficient in meeting market demands both locally and abroad.


We believe in total commitment, simplicity, efficiency and integrity in our dealings with all stakeholders.


At Asia Farm we serve the requirements of both Singapore and overseas markets across numerous sectors including hypermarkets, supermarkets, minimarts, convenience stores, food courts, institutions, hotels, restaurants, caterers, and other general trade sectors.


Whilst Asia Farm has for some years been serving and exporting to overseas markets which include Brunei, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, India, Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, the Pacific Islands, Guam Islands, New Zealand, Australia, and the Middle East, the export demand for Asia Farm brands as well as selected house brands continue to be on the rise calling for even greater commitment in our production and marketing operations.


Indeed a highly appreciated trend that makes the engagement of and collaboration with reliable distribution partners feasible and mutually beneficial.


For 22 years now Asia Farm is most renowned for the production  and distributions of cordials and concentrates  as well as juice drinks and local desserts serving both the retail consumer market and general trade, including food services.

 In the next 10 years, we aim to target 30% market share in Singapore F&B sectors with Healthier Choice Syrup & Concentrate and 50 countries, both Retail and F&B segments for exports.


Within the next 3 years, we also target to cover the entire retail markets with our ready to consume products & services.

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